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About K9 Fortress Security Inc.

Service Second to None

With several years of industry experience, you can count on our expertise to fit all your needs. Our goals include satisfying your demands to meet your safety standards, all while providing the best price. 

We understand that with a growing city, comes increased crime rates. We are here to fight back and aid in the comfort and security of our citizens. Our passion for the industry has driven us to provide our clients with the best rates in the city, guaranteed. 


We are a hands-on company, trained to use patrol dogs.


With our experience, expertise and training, we can ensure that we will exceed your expectations.

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Welcome to K9 Fortress Security Inc. 

We are a full service security company based out of Edmonton, Alberta.


Our goal is to provide our clients with a high level of service, innovation and efficiency, all at the best cost. 


Here at K9 Fortress Security Inc. we have a limitless philosophy. Let us meet and exceed all of your security needs.  

Areas of Service

Meeting All of Your Needs

K9 Unit


Our K9 unit consists of highly trained patrol dogs and  their handlers. Our dogs have been trained in protection as well as detection. Including a K9 unit as part of your security service can provide you with the peace of mind that your property is being safeguarded at the highest level. 

Having a K9 unit on site provides an extremely high visual deterrent, which in turn, prevents potential crime. Dogs can hear about 4 times as far as humans can, and they can also hear higher pitches. This makes them excellent detectors of humans or animals. Our K9's are trained how to detect and respond to any unauthorized threat in their patrol site.

Stationary Guards

Security Guard

Whether it's around the clock service, or a few hours a day - you decide when you'd like one of our stationary guards to safeguard your property. From guarding entrances, screening guests/employees, monitoring the premise using video surveillance, performing physical patrols or physical removals, you choose what tasks you'd like us to perform. 

A stationary guard can be an important staple to many businesses. We're keeping an eye on all activities partaking in the property and taking measures to prevent and dilute any form of threatening situation. In any case of emergency, as first responders, we play a big roll in aiding, and preventing them. 

Surveillance Systems

Mobile Security

Security Camera

K9 Fortress Security Inc. is a full service security company. This includes commercial grade surveillance systems for your convenience. We offer a variety of surveillance systems from a basic camera package to 24/hr surveillance with dispatching. 

K9 Fortress Security Inc. is your one stop for all your surveillance needs. Our services include; cameras, installation, monitoring, and guard dispatch. Contact us to find out more about our surveillance services. 


Our mobile patrols are an efficient and effective way to provide an extra security measure for your property. Our guards will patrol your property with as much detail as you see fit. This includes, door and window lock checks, physical walk-arounds, vehicle patrols, K9 patrols, patrols done inside and/or outside of the premises and physical removals of unwanted individuals. 

Our call-out system allows us to dispatch a guard to your property at any time. K9 Fortress Security Inc. uses a 2-way radio system that provides us with quick communication to all our security guards, providing our clients with a fast response time. 


Concert Crowd

From door security, bouncing, ushering, foot patrols, physical removals, pat downs and more, you can trust that K9 Fortress Security Inc. will keep your guests having the best time in the safest way. 

Private Investigation

Magnifying Glass

If you're experiencing suspicious behavior form someone in your life, let K9 Fortress Security Inc. give you the peace of mind you need. With our advanced technology, we can expose cheaters, fraudsters, hidden assets and much more. 

Executive Security

Handsome Male Model

K9 Fortress Security Inc. offers a range of executive security including celebrity protection, executive protection, patient watch, escorting, and drivers. Our executive security guards are discreet but never compromising. 

Additional Services

Stacks of Coins
  • Loss prevention/retail security

  • Alarm response

  • Valuables/goods escort

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Control Tactics and Survival Skills


K9 Fortress Security Inc. is proud to use the Control Tactics and Survival Skills program. CTSS is Alberta's first approved "use of force" training program by the Solicitor General. CTSS is a program created by Shawn Baker, a traditional martial arts master for over 25 years.


The 40 hour course includes combat fitness skills, law enforcement tools & tactics, how to develop confidence with training and knowing a predator mindset. Once certified, individuals can expect to know more in these areas and also be certified to use a baton under the Solicitor General.

Here on the K9 Fortress Security Inc. team, we have a certified instructor of the CTSS program. We proudly train our own guards and also other members of the industry. To learn more about the CTSS program or getting certified, please contact us. 

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Contact Us

K9 Fortress Security Inc.

#201A 12946 97 St NW

Edmonton, AB, T5E 4C3

Phone: (587) 462-2990

Text us: (825) 439-9987


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Where passion meets protection

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