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5 Reasons to Consider a Security Company

In this day and age of uncertainty, it’s no wonder that many look for peace of mind that is immediate and lasting. A peace of mind that only comes from the certainty of being protected. There is no better substitute than the assurance of your physical wellbeing, the protection of your assets and securing the safety of your clients and customers..

Everyday there are multiple reports on various crimes that range in severity, from the basic theft and break and entries to assaults and muggings within the premises of many businesses. Often more petty crimes such as vandalism, the loitering of suspicious individuals to minor theft can seem minuscule but can cost a business greatly deterring future as well as present clients, and or, customers from wanting to visit or do business with the establishment.

Due to this reason, it is important that the security of your business premises be given adequate attention. One essential step that can be taken in the protection of your business would be to hire the services of a security company.

K9 Fortress Security offers a number of valuable security services that can help protect, secure and deter nefarious behavior from your businesses. From mobile patrols and stationary manned positions around the clock to active K9 units and more. We believe in providing our clients with a personalized and tailored approach to meet their needs.

Here is a list of five reasons why we think a business can benefit from potentially hiring a security company.

The Prevention of Crimes

Security guards are trained in what to look for and how to properly handle suspicious individuals and activity. This can drastically reduce the risk of crime on the premise of your business and mitigate damages to the property. Security guards also add the presence of authority which can often deter many would-be perpetrators and prevent crimes before they actually happen. In addition, individuals with an intent to commit a crime will usually target businesses and properties that are absent of security.

Heightened Awareness

Security guards are there to Observe, Report and Protect. Their added presence is clear and with purpose adding an immediate response to a multitude of possible scenarios. Many security guard companies are adequately trained from crowd control to de-escalating situations resulting in prevention of hostility.

With critical thinking and situational awareness, security guards are always on point. Whereas, without security, an individual may become complacent which can result in overlooking and often missing unusual behavior. Being aware is an ongoing process, security guards are a positive and proactive approach.

Improved Customer Services

Security guards in many ways can improve your customer service and, more often than not, often go hand and hand with security. Whether it is protecting your property or the protection of those who frequent your business, customer service is always at the forefront. It is always about the customer after all.

As security, it is their job and duty to protect and secure the property and everyone within the premises, keeping everyone safe. As such, you can often find security conversing with employees and clients, greeting customers and building rapport as they ask how they can be of assistance. A security guard's primary task is to protect and to secure, however a guard can act as a point of contact for clients and customers and can have a lasting first impression for a business.

Creating a Safer Environment

By simply having security guards present can help maintain a safer environment. Knowing that there is security near can help everyone feel safer and give them assurance. Security guards use sound judgement when protecting assets as well as assessing any given situation before acting with proficiency and containing any given situation before it escalates.

With the environment of threats that can change rapidly. Having someone trained and capable of handling any form of crises, medical or other, and able to navigate with effectiveness under pressure when every minute counts can be crucial.

Stress Free Environment

Security guards are trained professionals in handling the worst of situations that others would feel less than comfortable in dealing with. It is good to know that your business is protected and the safety of everyone is ensured. This provides the needed peace of mind that can allow you to put more emphasis on the daily operations of your business.

There is nothing more important than the safety of you and others. As such, security guards play a very important role in the protection and safety of communities. So if you feel that you may need security, then there is no time to waste.

Security working with the community and the law enforcement together creates a safer environment for all so that we all can focus more on enjoying life and what matters most to us.

-James A. Brooks

Administration Manager

K9 Fortress Security

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